Nursery (before)

Our nursery is going to be in this nook that lies directly upstairs between our bedroom and the guest bedroom. 
 This space still has the dark paneling that was very popular back in the 70's... So I am looking forward to brightening up the room with either a soft pink or a light aqua paint color.  I am hoping it really helps this space seem roomier... anything really will be an improvement! =)
 This pic shows the door to the downstairs staircase, the door to the left is the guest room and the door to the right is a walk-in closet that has already accumulated many baby clothes due to some awesome hand me downs (thank you Sarah and Angie!) and early morning garage sale finds!
This is a built in shelf is my favorite feature of the space and I can't wait to display some special vintage toys I have been collecting.
This wave patterned vintage carpet is pretty sweet too.
Kenai sure likes it!
The drab mini blinds have to go and I'm pretty sure that this amazing vintage fabric will be curtains and the inspiration for the whole space.  I have just begun to prime the space because its been too hot and humid to even think about painting...I'll be sure to post pics of the continuing transformation!
Kenai isn't sure what he thinks about having to share his house with a baby... 

Have a great night 


  1. When we did Carter's nursery, our cat, Kobie, truly thought we decorated and added a perfect little bed in there just for him. He slept in the crib for pretty much the first year of Carter's life. Carter wasn't using it, but it really wasn't Kobie's.

  2. What a great little space. I can't wait to see the progress.