Favorite Spaces


After finding out that we are having a girl this week I am so excited to get working on her nursery. I love vintage toys and want the room to have a vintage/modern feel. 
Here are some nurseries that are inspiring me:
Rosa's room
View of the changing table
We have been running at full speed acquiring new store displays this week, I am so excited to have the weekend to get some stuff done around the house...and its been so warm and sunny that it would be a great time to get some paint on the nursery walls...
now I just have to decide on a color  =)
Have a great Saturday!


Etsy Love

Ovo Print
Equilateral Triangles Crib Quilt


Triangle Earrings

Paper Garland

Linen Oblong Pouch

Mixed Media Dress

Triangle Fringe Necklace

A collection of some my favorite three sided pieces on etsy. I can't get enough triangles lately.  Click on the picture links to see more creations from these artists. 

Have a great weekend! 


Little Ones

If you don't already know I am 20 weeks pregnant with our first child. We are so excited to start our own little family and just yesterday we found out some big news! 
We decided to announce it to our families by having them over for a "gender cake" (a gender cake is dyed either blue or pink with food coloring and then coated with a thick layer of frosting...so when its cut the color reveals the baby's gender). We thought this would be a fun way to tell everyone at once, and cake is always good!

The majority of the family thought it would be a girl and its a...


I must admit that I have been secretly picking up cute vintage girl things in hopes of having one! On our business trip to the twin cities I also found a vintage crib, changing table, and cradle at a Unique Thrift store (all for only $70!!!) I will post pics of all of the nursery progress and the before and after pics of the crib and cradle. I'm so excited to get started!


Can't Get Enough Vintage

Eames Era 

Fur and fiberglass

Retro Bullet Planter 2

Atomic Vintage Wood Alarm Clock

Eames chair

Eames Fiberglass Shell Armchair, late 1950's

Vitra Eames

Winter Sunlight

My first starburst clock

I would love all of these eames era pieces in my home. I have a bullet planter I love and I am on the look  out for an eames fiberglass shell chair.
Have a great night!

P.S. Jen is sharing the gender of their baby tomorrow!!!!! Check it out


Brick and Mortar

Diy Shelving

We stopped to check out a little favorite handmade gift shop that we like in Minneapolis called I like You... but unfortunately they were closed on Monday =( 

 hula hoops in the window of i like you
(via ineachday)
We did manage to sneak a peek through their window and see an amazing wall of wooden crates that made for a striking shelving system. We have used vintage wooden crates for adding height to our own displays, and have thought about doing a larger statement piece for quite some time...but there was something about seeing it in person that reminded us how functional and interesting the various wooden and boxes would be all grouped together in a larger installation.
Here are a few similar diy crate shelving systems that are also inspiring:
Panel Paintings Inside Wooden Crates
Crate shelves

So we are now on the hunt for more wooden boxes or crates, let us know if you run across any unwanted ones in the Bemidji area!
Hope your having a great night!


Thrifty Finds

Cities Thrifting

Hey Everyone!!! Today has been so awesome! We have found so many good things for the store. The best score of the day was a huge cash wrap. Yesterday we bought a decoy deer that we cant wait to paint! Ikea was good to us too. We will have more pictures of the finds when we can get better photos. Hope you have a good night!


Current Crush

Rebekah Vinyard Jewelry

Parade necklace in brass
Leather Feather earrings in teal
Captain America necklace in brass
Stick With Me necklace in teal
Sound Wave necklace in sterling
Brass Diamond necklace
Leather Feather earrings in red
Total Eclipse necklace in sterling
We are in love with Rebekah's jewelry and are excited to announce that her jewelry line will be sold at our Yellow Umbrella Gift Shop and Gallery!!! I want so many of them... but i must have the Brass Diamond necklace! Which one is your favorite?

Happy Easter!
These are some of the Easter eggs that we made Friday night with some friends.
We are headed to the twin cities today in hunt of store fixtures for our new gift shop location and will be sure to share the adventures that we have along the way!


Favorite Spaces


The wide view of my studio
Pink Cabinet - Drawers
New craft studio - WIP
rainbow room
A peek in my craft room

I would love to have an organized and practical workspace. I love the space I've created for myself, I just can't seem to keep it clean. I never put away what I take out. I end up with piles of fabric for different ideas everywhere.  I think that I might use the fabric for the next project and I end up with 10 fabric piles of maybe projects laying around waiting to be made. Does anyone else have this problem?

Have a great Easter weekend! 


Etsy Love:

My spring wish list:

I am loving mustard, coral, and aqua for spring, so pretty!
Just a quick reminder...our brick and mortar Yellow Umbrella Shop 
is open today (Friday 12-5) and tomorrow (Saturday 10-5),
and then we will be closed until our new location opens!
Come in and say hi, we would love to see you!