Thrifty Finds

Thrifting is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Over the years I have found myself drawn to cute tiny animal figurines (especially ones with little red bow ties that say 'made in Japan' on the bottom, they are just too cute!) Here is a peek at a little house shelf that I thrifted and painted a pretty aqua blue, it hangs on my dining room wall and is the home to my tiniest animal treasures.

I love this tiny mermaid so much! (found it in Park Rapids, MN)

Also in my dining room are two awesome built in shelves that display some of my favorite vintage finds.

I have been wanting to stumble across Cathrineholm enamelware for years and finally it happened. A friend and I went on a little thrifting road trip and ended up in Brainerd, MN and there it was!

I just love little vintage fawn figurines.

This Kaj Franck Arabia Finel mushroom bowl is one of my most prized finds, I just adore the graphic mushroom design.

We are very busy getting ready for our Yellow Umbrella Gift Shop and Gallery relocation but I will try to get some good thrifting in soon and share all the goodies that find their way home with me.


  1. That was a fun trip...I never knew how much fun thrifting could be! Haha...I am excited to get to Phoenix and go to some flea markets :)

  2. oooo flea markets! I wish we had more around here :) maybe we can sneak another thrifting day in before your big move!