Little Ones

If you don't already know I am 20 weeks pregnant with our first child. We are so excited to start our own little family and just yesterday we found out some big news! 
We decided to announce it to our families by having them over for a "gender cake" (a gender cake is dyed either blue or pink with food coloring and then coated with a thick layer of frosting...so when its cut the color reveals the baby's gender). We thought this would be a fun way to tell everyone at once, and cake is always good!

The majority of the family thought it would be a girl and its a...


I must admit that I have been secretly picking up cute vintage girl things in hopes of having one! On our business trip to the twin cities I also found a vintage crib, changing table, and cradle at a Unique Thrift store (all for only $70!!!) I will post pics of all of the nursery progress and the before and after pics of the crib and cradle. I'm so excited to get started!

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