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Diy Shelving

We stopped to check out a little favorite handmade gift shop that we like in Minneapolis called I like You... but unfortunately they were closed on Monday =( 

 hula hoops in the window of i like you
(via ineachday)
We did manage to sneak a peek through their window and see an amazing wall of wooden crates that made for a striking shelving system. We have used vintage wooden crates for adding height to our own displays, and have thought about doing a larger statement piece for quite some time...but there was something about seeing it in person that reminded us how functional and interesting the various wooden and boxes would be all grouped together in a larger installation.
Here are a few similar diy crate shelving systems that are also inspiring:
Panel Paintings Inside Wooden Crates
Crate shelves

So we are now on the hunt for more wooden boxes or crates, let us know if you run across any unwanted ones in the Bemidji area!
Hope your having a great night!

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