Can't Get Enough Vintage

Fisher Price
Fisher-Price toy camera
fisher-price busy bee #444 (date unknown)
Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel
Fisher Price Little People Jumble
fisher-price gran'pa frog #464 (1958)

Fisher Price record player
Ready to Taxi

Vintage Toy Sewing Machine
fisher-price merry mousewife #662 (1965)
one two three four five six seven eight nine
I remember playing with quite a few of these toys when I was a little girl, they bring back so many happy memories! I just love their simplicity, no annoying sounds or flashing lights... just good old fashioned fun. I have acquired quite a collection of vintage Fisher Price myself and am looking forward to seeing our future children enjoy them as much as I did... old toys should be played with!
Hope your having a lovely day!

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