Yellow Umbrella's first ever crochet class: Forecaster Cowl

It was so much fun crocheting cowls today at Yellow Umbrella's first ever crochet class, held at the awesome Rail River Folk School... We will defiantly be doing more workshops in the future!

On a side note... It's Dec 10 and we don't have any snow in northern MN... What's up with that?! 15 days till Christmas... Let's hope it's a white one :)


New Cupcake Shop!

Something amazing happened today... Althea's Cakery, a fun new cupcake shop, opened up just down the street from Yellow Umbrella! Jennifer and I just had to go check it out...



Hey All!
Wow it's been way too long since I've posted. Life has been overwhelmingly crazy with the store, Yellow Umbrella brand items, and family. I love it though.

Asher started crawling and getting into everything! Yay!

This is a little late-Asher at 8 months, he's 9 months now.

Jen and I have been making our products for other amazing stores. So most of our free time is spent creating. 

I dyed my hair after many, many months of my roots showing. I went with a auburn red. I love it!

I bought an amazing pair of vintage glasses and couple years ago and got them the right prescription this week.
 I was feeling kind of blah about my look, so it feels amazing to a have a fresh new one!
 Have a great weekend! I'd better get back to creating :)


Thrifty Finds

So it turns out lugging around a car seat while thrifting is a bit more challenging than I thought.. But I managed to get out and about this past week and I thought I would share some of my favorite finds:

I collect little vintage deer... I have similar deer to these already but they are just regular ol tan and brown.. so I was super excited when I came across these yellow and pink ones....
I love how vibrant the colors are..
and the pretty rhinestone eyes!
(vintage reindeer... 50 cents for both)

I just love vintage Christmas decorations... I especially like finding PINK ornaments so these three pink and gold lovelies had to come home with me!
(vintage pink ornaments only a nickle a piece!)

My newest vintage crush is baby/ little girl things because I never had a reason to buy them before so its a whole new section of the thrift stores to explore... 
I just LOVE this vintage handmade whale dress!
(vintage whale dress... 50 cents)

I found an itty bitty shoe box at a children's clothing sale... then I saw it said Minnetonka and I got reeeaaally excited... I love moccasins and have really wanted to get Millie a tiny pair...
When I opened the box these tiny pink beaded mocs were greeting me! They are so cute!!!
(vintage Minnetonka mocs... $3.00)

Its been a great week for thrifting! Have you found anything amazing lately?


Little Ones

Well it true what they say about time going so much faster when you have kids! It feels like I just gave birth yesterday... but over a month has gone by already! Here are some overdue pics of our sweet little girl Millie:
Her eyes were wide open right after delivery... we could tell that she recognized our voices right away and she began to study our faces! Such a special moment for me and Jon.
Millie weighed in at 7lbs 6oz
She always kicked and made ripples in the water when i bathed while pregnant... so it was no shocker to find that she looooves bath time!
She especially loves getting her hair washed!
I just love her yawns.
Yet another bath time photo.. She gets so wide eyed when we pour warm water over her.
Millie working at Yellow Umbrella with me and Jennifer!
I have a whole new appreciation for parents... Millie is a very good baby but man parenting is a lot of work!
I have such a feeling of accomplishment if i can squeeze in a shower or a load of laundry! :) 
Hats off to all of the mama's and papa's out there!!!