Little Ones

Well it true what they say about time going so much faster when you have kids! It feels like I just gave birth yesterday... but over a month has gone by already! Here are some overdue pics of our sweet little girl Millie:
Her eyes were wide open right after delivery... we could tell that she recognized our voices right away and she began to study our faces! Such a special moment for me and Jon.
Millie weighed in at 7lbs 6oz
She always kicked and made ripples in the water when i bathed while pregnant... so it was no shocker to find that she looooves bath time!
She especially loves getting her hair washed!
I just love her yawns.
Yet another bath time photo.. She gets so wide eyed when we pour warm water over her.
Millie working at Yellow Umbrella with me and Jennifer!
I have a whole new appreciation for parents... Millie is a very good baby but man parenting is a lot of work!
I have such a feeling of accomplishment if i can squeeze in a shower or a load of laundry! :) 
Hats off to all of the mama's and papa's out there!!!



  1. She is beautiful, and I've always loved that name. :) I stumbled upon your blog through a series of clicks (first found your etsy shop- which I hearted because it's FABULOUS!) and am so glad I did!

  2. Awe, congrats! She's an absolute cutie! :) All the best wishes to your family!