Yellow Umbrella Artist

by Kristin Thompson
Newberg, Oregon

Heres what Kristin says about her designs:
Everyday is an excuse to play dress up....I'am passionate about uniqueness and creating your own personal style through accessories. I don't follow other's fashions/styles but have always been my own trendsetter by making pieces from whatever inspires me at the moment. I love making a statement where ever I go.

For the last seven years I have been facsinated with resin and creating new pieces and techniques. 

Moustache Necklaces
Abraham Lincoln Necklace
Pinwheel Sprinkles Poker Chip Hair Clip
Edgar Allen Poe Necklace
Robot Necklace
Puffed Heart Sprinkle Necklace

We are happy to have Katko's fun, bold jewelry at Yellow Umbrella! Be sure to stop by and check them out next weekend! Only 5 more days till Yellow Umbrella gift shop and gallery opens in our new location downtown!!!
Have a great night


Etsy Love

Made By Michelle Brusegaard
We will soon be carrying Michelle Brusegaards amazing pieces.
Linen Blend Triangle Scarf- Golden Yellow with Silver Feathers

hello feathers

Happy Father's Day

Screen Printed Jersey Scarf in Forest Green with Partridge Print in Gold

Set of Four Screen-printed Dish Towels with Red Poppies

Doily Enclosure Cards-Set of Five-Beet PurpleEnvelopes

Screen Printed Jersey Scarf in Athletic Black with Golden Yellow Circles

Michelle's designs are so great. Her work will be the perfect fit at Yellow Umbrella.
If you live in the Bemidji area we will be open June 3rd, so come check out Made by Michelle Brusegaard products and many more amazing products!


Yellow Umbrella Artist

Pickle Things (Stephanie Weber)
Portland, Oregon

Sometimes it is okay to play with your food. Pickle Things makes felt play food and accessories. All the products and packaging are made from 100% reclaimed or recycled materials as part of its dedication to sustainability. Its goal is to make products that are good for the earth and for the imagination.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich Felt Food
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Veggies Felt Play Food (Asparagus, Carrots, Broccoli, Potato)
We are thrilled to have Pickled Things play food at Yellow Umbrella! Check out Pickled Things etsy shop for other fun foodie creations. 


Can't Get Enough Vintage

Big Eyes
Vintage 60s Big Eye Boys - Girls Dance and Play Music on Beach

1970s Big Eye Art

Big eyed print by F. IDYLLE
Link I want this one for my collection. So cute!

BigEyedArt 007
Link Got to love the Umbrella

My collection of big-eyed pictures

I love the vintage big eye prints. I've started my own collection and have about ten.

This is one of the many thing that we worked on today at the store. Things are coming together for opening weekend!

Brick & Mortar

So heres what we have been up to...



Store Update

We have been so busy getting our new inventory entered, tagged, and barcoded that we haven't had a chance to blog for a little while... We had Jon design our new Yellow Umbrella hang tags and just got them today and have been busy bees punching holes, cutting strings, and distributing them to our inventory... its so fun to see barcodes on everything! We went through our only roll of barcode labels today so we are hoping that our shipment of the rest of the rolls gets here tomorrow!  Andy cut out some more wood letters and clouds for around the store and  a yellow umbrella for our storefront sign. Steve and Joyce (Jon and Andy's parents) stopped in and helped shampoo the kids play room as well as clean up our back ally outdoor space. We also had many local and visiting artists bring in new artworks and contracts, so today was very productive!
Look for sneak peek pics of our progress on tomorrows blog post!
Have a great night!


Current Crush

Colorful Houses

Whenever I spot a fun colored house in a sea of beige ones I cant help but smile...maybe thats because i live in a white one =) 
These vibrant homes are so cheerful looking that I can't imagine anyone living in them ever comes home in a bad mood!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Store Update

I am excited to announce we have tentatively set our opening date for June 4th!!! The space has really come along. All the display fixtures have a place and Monday we are going to start the inventory process. We are changing to a POS system to simplify and speed up the check process.  Cant wait to use a scanner to ring a sale!!


Yellow Umbrella Artist

Quartz Trio Necklace
Primary Geometry Necklace
Seafoam Feather Bracelet
Peach Moss Tri Level Beaded Necklace
Pointed Bar Ladder Necklace
Vintage Coin Feather Necklace
Hooped Rhombus Heishi Necklace
The pieces shown above are created by Jessica Freitag in Milwaukee, WI and will be available at Yellow Umbrella in early June! We are thrilled to have Papavier's jewely! Be sure to check out her etsy shop and blog!
Have a great night!


Little Ones

In a little less than a month Emerson is turning three. Wow time flys! I want to do a dinosaur theme for is birthday party. Here are a few things I would like to try:
Stegosaurus birthday cake

Link Party favor idea
Dinosaur Pinata
Dino Dig

This is Em's birthday shirt