Yellow Umbrella Artist

by Kristin Thompson
Newberg, Oregon

Heres what Kristin says about her designs:
Everyday is an excuse to play dress up....I'am passionate about uniqueness and creating your own personal style through accessories. I don't follow other's fashions/styles but have always been my own trendsetter by making pieces from whatever inspires me at the moment. I love making a statement where ever I go.

For the last seven years I have been facsinated with resin and creating new pieces and techniques. 

Moustache Necklaces
Abraham Lincoln Necklace
Pinwheel Sprinkles Poker Chip Hair Clip
Edgar Allen Poe Necklace
Robot Necklace
Puffed Heart Sprinkle Necklace

We are happy to have Katko's fun, bold jewelry at Yellow Umbrella! Be sure to stop by and check them out next weekend! Only 5 more days till Yellow Umbrella gift shop and gallery opens in our new location downtown!!!
Have a great night

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