Thrifty Finds

I found these vintage treasures this weekend! 
1. Green atomic clock by General Electric
2. Heart Arabia Finel enamel bowl
3. Framed deer paint by number
4. Flocked jackalope figurine
5. Tin toy toaster with cute decals

 I have never seen a clock like this...I love the overall lines of the clock, shape of the clock face, and the atomic style burst in the center!
 This jackalope was way too cute/weird not to bring home and this tin toaster will go perfectly with the pink Wolverine vintage toy kitchen that I picked up this past fall.
I am so fortunate to live in northern MN where people have room to store so many great pieces from the past in various out buildings, barns, garages etc... It makes attending yard sales and auctions extra exciting because you never know what you will stumble upon next!
Have you found anything good lately?

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you really found some great vintage pieces! The clock is spectacular- and I think paint-by-numbers are silly and awesome at the same time. It's a funny thing about those, I'm a pretty avid thrifter & gung-ho garage saler and these almost never pop up- anywhere! Maybe I'll luck out this summer season :)

    -Megan K.