Hey All!
Wow it's been way too long since I've posted. Life has been overwhelmingly crazy with the store, Yellow Umbrella brand items, and family. I love it though.

Asher started crawling and getting into everything! Yay!

This is a little late-Asher at 8 months, he's 9 months now.

Jen and I have been making our products for other amazing stores. So most of our free time is spent creating. 

I dyed my hair after many, many months of my roots showing. I went with a auburn red. I love it!

I bought an amazing pair of vintage glasses and couple years ago and got them the right prescription this week.
 I was feeling kind of blah about my look, so it feels amazing to a have a fresh new one!
 Have a great weekend! I'd better get back to creating :)

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