Yellow Umbrella's first ever crochet class: Forecaster Cowl

It was so much fun crocheting cowls today at Yellow Umbrella's first ever crochet class, held at the awesome Rail River Folk School... We will defiantly be doing more workshops in the future!

On a side note... It's Dec 10 and we don't have any snow in northern MN... What's up with that?! 15 days till Christmas... Let's hope it's a white one :)


  1. wow that looks intense. Good luck!

    come visit my blog ;)



  2. Very cool! We visit your shop whenever we're home in Lake George. Maybe we'll be able to catch a workshop in the future!

    One note: Your blog reads you will be "defiantly" doing more workshops... perhaps edit to read "definitely"? Unless you are defiant in some way. :)

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