My DIY "To Do" List

Diy Modern Outdoor Planter Wall

Here are some projects Andy and I have done or are in the middle of......

 This tree slice patio area is a work in progress. We are using 3" tree slices cut from mainly birch, popple and a few maple mixed in.  Our hope is to have the whole area look similar to the close up shot below.
This is how I would like it to look everywhere. I plan to make the stump area a sculpture garden with my my mom and I's metal works.

 This is a sidewalk and planter box project Andy and I did three years ago. For the planter boxes we used pieces of slate to hold the dirt for the day lillies.  To make our sidewalk we constructed wood frames out of 2x4's. Placed them in the pattern we wanted and poured cement into the molds. This is what we created.
Our to be finished entry patio!

Have a Great 4th of July Weekend!

Emerson by Jen's tree sweater:)

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