Current Crush

Stars and Stripes

Striped Infinity Scarf
Starlette Crown
The Stockholm
Miniature Movable Paper Doll
Tiny Starlette Sparkler Trio
Red and White Patchwork Circus Cushion
Out to Sea Nautical Headband

Today we are closing up shop (the first day the store has been closed since we re-opened June 2nd) ...so we are all looking forward to a great day off spent at the lake! 

Enjoy your 4th!

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  1. Hi Yellow Umbrella-ers! I was in your shop last weekend, and I absolutely LOVE it! (As soon as I walked in, it reminded me of Red Velvet and I'm not at all surprised that you're a fan of Elsie's blog!) I'm really happy to see a small-town shop promoting vintage and local artists. I'll definitely be in touch about submitting my art for consignment (but in the meantime if you'd like to check out what I do you can visit my blog at www.lesleymyrick.com). Thanks for your awesome and inspiring store! xo