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Nate Nolting
Bemidji MN

My artwork is the culmination of elements from my daily life, varying from the cute to bizarre. Found art, little doodles, scans and photos are frankensteined together to create an intense and alluring graphic pallet, through the use of screen printing, street art and stencils.

I really get the most satisfaction from a piece when ink is laying down on a surface for the first time. Most of my printing skill is self taught from much trial and error. Taking any idea, no matter how freakishly weird it is, into a tangible state helps me close one chapter in life and move on to another.
                                                                                                                                            -Nate Nolting           

    Rainy Day - Screen Printed

    Purple Birds - Screen Printed

    Flock - Screen Printed

    Boos No. 003 - Screen Printed

    Under the Sea - Screen Printed

    Boos No. 001 - Screen Printed

    Mario Stash - Screen Printed

    SMB - Screen Printed

    We have had the pleasure of having Nate's amazing pieces in our shop since we first opened in Dec 2009! Stop by Yellow Umbrella and check out many more amazing prints! 

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    1. Love his stuff!! Especially Rainy Day and Under the Sea...awesome!