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Adopt a Garden

So on Tuesday a lady came in wondering if we would like to adopt a small city flower bed across the street from the Yellow Umbrella gift shop. I love to garden and have been so busy with the store that I havent been able to do much of it at home lately...so whats better than a mini garden across the street? It will be nice to get some fresh air and play in the dirt throughout the week while I'm "working".

Its a bit neglected looking right now but I can totally see the potential! It has a good size crab apple tree in the center with a shrub bush, some scattered lily of the valley, and a random variety of lily (i think).  I found myself wanting to do something really special in this space that would sort of reflect the fun crafty creative feel that is Yellow Umbrella...and then it hit me...MAKE A TREE SWEATER!

If you havent heard about tree sweaters yet you need to!...here are some lovely examples:
Tree Cozy - Carol Hummel
Lemon Tree Sweater
Bemidji does not have a knitted/crocheted tree that I know of but many places are allowing and even encouraging fiber artists to take over the town... Blanton Museum of Art (Austin, TX) recently organized a huge tree sweater display that clothed 99 trees just outside of the museum called Knitted Wonderland.
See short documentary videos about this project here and here

Then I started to wonder if Bemidji would embrace this type of art expression...I finally worked up the courage and called the lady in charge of the gardens...and she said go for it!!! I am so excited about this project and will begin crocheting today!... I'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress!

Have fun!

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  1. So great! Any and all voided/neglected areas make for wonderful future gardens. The knitted tree sweaters just blew my mind! I love it!

    Megan K.