Summer Style with Yellow Umbrella

We've made our exciting transition into clothing and accessories- now to share some of our super pretty products for the upcoming warm weather!

1. THE FLOPPY HAT : you'll notice this trending headwear among indie and bohemian styles. Both pretty and functional when you're spending time outside! Not to mention they look good on ANYONE.. all of the YU ladies have tried them and love them!
2. Lace Shorts : Bring these pretty ruffles to your bottom, why should tops have all of the lace and detail? Great paired with jersey or plain tees/tanks. 
3. Floral Prints : Floral is HOT on the streets! Especially the pretty and delicate granny-esque prints.  
4. Crystals / Handmade jewelry : Crystals are always best. A cool way to add an earthy Boho feel to your outfit. 
5. Round Sunglasses : Along with the floppy hat, these round-style sunglasses are a blast from the past and really trendy right now. 

Things to watch:
1. Saltwater Sandals : a small company that has lasted and thrived for years - they note their company as being 'Timeless"
2. The Mason Bar Company : Everyone has extra mason jars laying around their garages, kitchens, basements... why not use them to cuddle your beverage? They have sizes to fit both wide and regular mouth jars. Not to mention, they parallel the current trend in glass water bottles. 
3. Camping/Tin Mugs : Because camping is awesome. And if you can integrate bits into your every day routine, that is awesome. 
4. Daisy Duke Shorts : Bring back the mom high-waisted shorts, but make them shorter. 
5. Tassel Everything : This necklace is a fun mix of tassel and beads - Coral and mint colored, major trendy colors from last summer. 
6. Embroidery : Embroider and crochet detail go hand-in-hand with the new indie/boho pretty grunge style.  

Watch for more fun YU combos, and LOTS more style boards because I love shooting them!



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