Happy Summer!

Emily blogging today... my first day back to YU from my honeymoon! Two awesome weeks spent with my new husband driving to OR, hiking, camping in rain, staying in the BEST YURT EVER, and visiting our favorite spots from the tv show Portlandia. Haha. But it feels good to be back and YU feels like home! 

Some awesome new additions I noticed when I came back: 

New scarf and accessory display. We've been going scarf crazy! We have lots of super cute and affordable scarves. And PERK: they're nice and light for the warm summer months. 

Our cube shelf moved in with the jewelry! Fun displays featuring logs, mason jars, and vintage dish-ware. Along with our new shipments of scarves, we've gotten a lot of new jewelry! Chunky jewelry in the ever so popular colors, mint and coral :] 

And OF COURSE, the new dresses! Working here can be dangerous, so many cute clothes to buy! Fun summer maxi dresses, shirt and belted dresses, new blouses and tank tops!

And these caught my eye right away.. new journals! I particularly liked the over sized week-by-week journal/calendar. Perfect for busy lives in need of organization!

So, all in all, YU is getting awesome new product... ALL the time! Stop in and see what's new :] 
Happy summer!



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