Coffee and Family

Yes! It's national coffee day!
And after last night I will need coffee all day to keep me awake!!!
Asher has not been sleeping the greatest. He thinks that he needs to eat all night long, like he's starving!
I'm not ready to just let him cry yet either.  So we shall see how he does tonight and maybe I will give Andy a turn. :)

Andy and I had the last two days off from the store. We spent most of our time outside with the boys enjoying the unusually warm fall weather. 

This past weekend Cassie Goossen of Kekasmai Images  took a super cute Pomp family photo...Just love this one! 
Jen, Millie, Jon, Joyce, Steve, Sarah, Joy, Andrew, Elsie, Andy, Asher, Jennifer and Emerson
Have a great Thursday!!!

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