New Yellow Umbrella Artist

Jill Caya
of Jill Lauren and Scarlet Poppy
Grand Forks, ND

I love to knit and I love to shop handmade! I learned to knit 10 years ago when I was in the Peace Corps in Russia. I bought some yarn at the market and the little old lady who lived next door to me taught me to knit. I knit many scarves in Russia and when I returned I took a few classes and have been knitting ever since! I love designing new things, everything in my shop is an original design. I also love to shop for vintage items to include in my knitting, especially buttons.

All of the above photos were sourced from Jill Lauren and Scarlet Poppy.
We just got Jill's amazing creations at Yellow Umbrella today! I opened the box and squealed with delight at all of the super pretty and cozy knits! A girl even had me fetch her a hat from behind the counter so she could purchase it... it didn't even have a tag attached yet!!!! So swing by Yellow Umbrella (204 3rd Street, Bemidji MN) if you are in the area and check these lovlies out for yourself!

It was so fun working at Yellow Umbrella with my husband Jon today! Thanks to all of our amazing artists, customers, and blog readers.. you really make our day!
(crochet baby blanket...only 5 more weeks till we get to meet our little girl!) 

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