Yellow Umbrella Shop

We have been swamped with relocation grand opening planning, restocking and putting out new products at our brick and mortar handmade gift shop!

Here is a glimpse into the items that have come in just the past couple days:

Astronaut - With Remote
Screen Printed Jersey Scarves - Michelle Brusegaard
Screen Printed Shirts - Anchor Apparel 
Felt Flower Hair Clips and Brooches - Kelly Hanson Handmade
Our shop is plump full of awesome new handmade gift items and some sweet new displays too! Today we had an amazing turn out for day 1 of our relocation grand opening, thank you all for supporting us in our new space! We love being a part of the downtown Bemidji community and will be sure to share pics of all of the festivities we are having throughout the weekend! A big thank you to all of our amazing artists for getting us well stocked for the weekend! 

Have a great night!


Yellow Umbrella Artist

Raine Design
Chelsea Thorson
Moorhead, MN

I'm an Architectural Designer who lives for the challenge of a simple design.

I am truly passionate about concrete and found materials. By day, I work as a barista, making pretty lattes. I am able to sketch at work, allowing me to constantly be creating and dreaming up the next object, Whenever I get the chance, I am tinkering away in my studio, learning all I can from the trials and errors of small-scale concrete casting, and assembling found objects to create unique wearable pieces.

Concrete Teardrop Ring
Grassy Pebble Necklace
Mini Concrete Metropolis 
Plant: Concrete and Grass Necklace
Concrete Spike Ring
Urban Tribe: Concrete Necklace
Assorted Concrete and Grassy Rings

We are thrilled to have Chelsea's work at Yellow Umbrella! 
Be sure to check out the complete Raine Design collection here.

Hope your enjoying your Saturday!



Nursery (before)

Our nursery is going to be in this nook that lies directly upstairs between our bedroom and the guest bedroom. 
 This space still has the dark paneling that was very popular back in the 70's... So I am looking forward to brightening up the room with either a soft pink or a light aqua paint color.  I am hoping it really helps this space seem roomier... anything really will be an improvement! =)
 This pic shows the door to the downstairs staircase, the door to the left is the guest room and the door to the right is a walk-in closet that has already accumulated many baby clothes due to some awesome hand me downs (thank you Sarah and Angie!) and early morning garage sale finds!
This is a built in shelf is my favorite feature of the space and I can't wait to display some special vintage toys I have been collecting.
This wave patterned vintage carpet is pretty sweet too.
Kenai sure likes it!
The drab mini blinds have to go and I'm pretty sure that this amazing vintage fabric will be curtains and the inspiration for the whole space.  I have just begun to prime the space because its been too hot and humid to even think about painting...I'll be sure to post pics of the continuing transformation!
Kenai isn't sure what he thinks about having to share his house with a baby... 

Have a great night 


Yellow Umbrella Artist

We just got in a new artist(Emily Rohan) and she has the most amazing sterling and stone jewelry!

My name is Emily. I am a 30 year old wife, mommy, domestic goddess, and artist. Making beautiful and unique jewelry creations is now and has for a long time been a passion of mine. I was fortunate enough to have a high school art teacher who was also a jeweler so I was able to really learn the basics of the trade from a master for free! It was something I loved but I just assumed it would always be "out of my realm of possability". I graduated high school, got married, moved away, had kids, moved back, attended an art fair, saw someone's jewelry booth... and then it hit me... "I can do this, I WANT to do this! WHY AM I NOT DOING THIS?!!??" And that was it. I ordered all my tools and supplies and created myself a jewelry-making paradise in the corner of my basement. Once I had a few things made, I ventured out into the world of "I think I'll try to sell this, gee I hope people like it!" The pieces I create are the pieces I always wished I could find in shops or at art fairs but never found. I hope you love my stuff as much as I do! I think you will...

Now Available at Yellow Umbrella!

Check out Emily's Etsy shop and Blog.

Family Trip!

We took a little family trip to the Twin Cities this past weekend. It was so nice to spend time with the boys and to see friends. Here are some pics from the trip.
Crocheting on the 4 hour drive. Asher is such a good traveling baby. Driving puts him right to sleep.  We had movies and games to play for Emerson.
Emerson sporting his Twins gear. He liked watching the game with binoculars. The boys made it to the 7th inning before they needed to leave. 

The temps were so hot while we were down in the Cities. We spent most of our time in the pool to keep cool.  It was such a great time. I can't wait for another family getaway.



Little Ones

I have been searching etsy for a cute and cuddly baby plush toy for a while now and today I came across Little Sidekick! I just love that on one side you get a pretty fabric and the other has soft minky fabric for your baby to cuddle up with. These plush toys also have ribbons and yarns to keep a baby busy feeling all of the fun textures. You can find more Little Sidekick creations here and their blog here.

This pic pretty much made my day! 

(all of the photos above were sourced from Little Sidekick's etsy shop)